PhD Studies in Information and Communications Technologies

The goal of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) PhD Programme is to provide the PhD student with advanced, specialized and multidisciplinary skills in different topics related to information and communications technologies. The main objective is training researchers in innovative techniques and technologies, both at the theoretical and experimental levels, with a high degree of professional specialization.

Generic information (regulations and grants):

Specific regulations and helping documents:

  • Web page of ICT PhD Programme at EDUIB <>
  • ICT PhD Programme help/guidance document (Excerpt of UIB general and specific regulations for ICT programme) [document]
  • Administrative steps of the ICT PhD Programme [document]
  • Presentation of the ICT PhD Programme (informative meeting, 04/02/2019) [document]

(you are advised to check the document "Administrative steps" to know which documentation is required in each case)

  • UIB generic application [document]
  • Authorization for a thesis co-supervisor(s) [document]
  • Tutor reassignment [document]
  • Thesis agreement letter [document]
  • Authorization to perform a pre-doctoral stay out of the UIB [document]
  • Authorization for a time extension [document]
  • Authorization to become a partial-time PhD student [use UIB generic application]
    • Report of thesis supervisor(s) as being aware of the request [documents]
  • Authorization for a temporal stop [use UIB generic application]
  • Research plan [documents]
    • Reports of tutor and supervisor(s) to validate the research plan [documents]
  • Document of activities [documents]
    • Summary of seminar/conference [documents]
    • Report of supervisor(s) to validate the state of the art [documents]
    • Report of supervisor(s) to validate the contribution of the PhD student to a paper [documents]
  • Report of the supervisor(s) about the state of the PhD research work [documents]

List of supervisors and research topics [document]